August 18, 2017

A quick blog about how I let players know there is a new update or what is the latest game update that I uploaded.

First! (In-game):

1-Created a UI window in the main menu.

2-Set it to be always disabled (at start)

3-Connect it to the game database

(Hosted by the official g...

July 7, 2017

Attempt #1 - Day: 2.

PART 2: Testing.

As I planed in Part 1, I have done the following:

1-Created the application using Unity.
2-Renamed and Used the Main menu scene since it has everything already.
3-Removed everything from the scene and kept the Server creation UI.

July 5, 2017

Attempt #1 - Day: 1. Part 1- everything 1. one 1. 1. one.

PART !: The plan.

I’m not used to writing blogs or documenting what I do/go through so...

*Nailed the intro*...

Let me start by mentioning that 

I tend to do things a bit differently when I work alone, so you might n...

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