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Musical drawing

Simple idea I had of creating music based on your movement while drawing

Try it here:

Musical drawing

Simple idea I had of creating music based on written text

Try it here:

Musical Text

Musical text
In-Game Level Editor

In-Game Level Editor

For my last year in the university, I wrote a research on built-in level editors and I created my own in Unity 4.
The following video demonstrate the use of the built in level editors with a simple game I made.

Squad Tactics - (AI-State Machine)

Squad Tactics -

(Artificial intelligence-State Machine)

The following video demonstrate the use of state machines for AI in a centralized Squad game, the player controls the movement of the Squad leader and issues the commands/orders.

Game's goal is to clear the level by eliminating the enemies (Capsules) 

Custom shaders

Shaders project (Assignment preview)

The following video is a preview of custom shaders I wrote in CG language (Unity 4.6)

Trials Evo - Level designs

Making of/ Speed Build Videos

of tracks I've created in Trials


(Click on the image to open the video link)

Some of the levels I created in Trials Evolution:

*Click on the pictures below to watch the level design


Level: Colosseum

Trials Evo -Mini Games

Mini Games Using Trials Evolution Editor

Trials Evolution(Xbox 360) " features a robust content creation Editor that allows you to create Skill Games, Single Player tracks, and Supercross tracks. Any track created in the Editor and uploaded to Track Central will feature its own Leaderboards and be able to use a Showcase Replay.

" (IGN, 2012).


Made around 100 Skill game/Tracks

Over all downloads around : 230,000

Over all number of ratings around : 11,000


Link to Most of the latest Skill games/Tracks


Level: Rivendell

Level: De_dust 2 

Level: Trivo Temple

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