Game Updates (in-game notifications)

A quick blog about how I let players know there is a new update or what is the latest game update that I uploaded.

First! (In-game):

1-Created a UI window in the main menu.

2-Set it to be always disabled (at start)

3-Connect it to the game database

(Hosted by the official game website:

4-Download the updates file if available.

5-If downloading the updates file was successful: Format the text and display it in the

UI window

6-Enable the UI (Only if there was an update)

With two buttons:

1-Refresh (Re-download the file)

2-Read more (Open update blog link)

That's it!

Seconds (App):

Now to feed the database the update text; I have created a small app using unity to save my self time and to make it MUCH easier for me to upload the text.

In the app, you have:

- 4 input fields:



3-Update blog Link

4-Update text

- 2 buttons

1-Refresh (Download what was previously uploaded)

2-Upload (Upload what currently is in the input fields

And a status text to let me know whats happening..

So when I click on Upload the app will do the following:

1-Create a string of characters that has all the text inside of all 4 input fields



2-Create a .txt file and add the string inside > save.

3-Upload the file to the database (updates.txt)

That way when I launch the game all I have to do is:

1-Look for "updates.txt" file

2-Download "updates.txt" file

3-Re-format the single long txt to "version" / "Date" / "link" / "Updates"

4-Update the UI texts

Preview from start to end (Animated Image)