VKeeper is a Sandbox mobile game developed in 60 days
Main objective is to test user retention strategies

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Cars Arcade


Car Arcade is a mobile game developed in 30 days.
The player gathers car improvement patches and power-ups in Battle mode map before jumping in a Drag racing mode or a V.S mode

Bio Bots


Tail Trail


Bio Bots is a Free to play third-person team-based shooter. Enjoy playing chaotic matches in different game-modes


Follow the story of a Private investigator hired to find a missing person on a mysterious island


Sticks & Bones


Follow the story of a brave, courageous and handsome pirate as he continues his journey to find THE treasure after his death!


Sticks & Bones: Duel Master is mobile game on IOS & Android, a small mini-game of the PC Version of Sticks and bones.




Instinct is a 1 Week project; main goal is Lighting and Camera practice.

Everything was done on the fly. [Unity 5] 

-Companion fox is controlled in real time, everything else is scripted / animated. 



Timeliner was my submission for a 3 day game jam (GameZanga 2017).

I spent another 2 days after the submission improving the visuals of the game.

You play as a director that creates a choreography for the actor (john wick) to clear the level within a set time.

By choosing each step and action the actor will take


Ashore (Early-Access)

Ashore is an FPS game. The game introduces a number of survival elements such as: shelter building, food and resource gathering, tools crafting, animal hunting and so on. 

Current Features: 
- Character Creation
- Single Player
- Co-op / Multiplayer (survival - Last man standing - Sandbox)
- Chat System
- Full UI System
- Map UI System
- Player Life System (Health / Stamina / Hunger)
- Building System (Shelter / Base)
- Building Repair / Destruction / Upgrading System
- Fortifications & Miscellaneous items
- Resource Gathering (Ore mining and Wood chopping)
- Inventory System
- Crafting System (Basic / Crafting table /  Workbench / Workstation)
- Repairing System
- Blueprint System
- Food Gathering (Fishing / Hunting / Planting)
- Cooking / Smelting System
- Resource Management (Items and Resource Storage, Market and Trading)
- Electronics System
- Enemy AI
- Animal AI
- Weapon and Ammo System (Melee/Rifles/Bow/etc..)
- Day/Night Cycle System (Time)
- Visual effects System
- Objectives System
- Sound Effects
- Game Configuration System (Graphics/Display/Controls/Audio)
- Save / Load System
- Simple In-game Guide Menu
- Permissions Menu

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Scube is a 2D platformer where the player needs to collect coins in order to pass the level.

By changing into different shapes and switching between layers the player will be able to roam around and reach higher and or lower platforms in the level.

The game took 60 days exactly to finish.
Used Unity Game Engine to do the game, Photoshop to do the art and Garage band for the soundtrack.

Gameplay Trailer​














Level 9 - Gameplay

The game features an In-game Level Editor, which the players can use to create their own levels and share it online with other players

Assignments Games

Portal- was my first 3D game, the portal gun was also my first 3D model.


Deja Vu- Deja Vu was done in 4 weeks, a simple game to demonstrate the time rewind feature in the game.

BioShock- was my second game in my first year, the game was divided to two parts: 6 weeks to design & another 6 weeks to program.

Lost And Not Found- another simple game, focuses on AI state machine.